dead simplifying blogging might give me an incentive to do it
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Fri Oct 29 16:03:55 2021 by dodger (updated: Sat Oct 30 04:37:03 2021 )

this is my shoot blog. as in, the one where i'm mostly real and not a character (except to the extent everyone can't help but being).

first of all, why does it matter if anyone reads what i right. well, it doesn’t. and shouldn’t have to, outside of the uses you want it to fulfill. as writing is not my profession i’d in fact prefer it to not matter!

in my case, i believe blogging and documenting my projects and endeavors will help me literally ’remember’ to stay on track with my goals. i possess a very poor memory, and am very much an “out of sight out of mind” type. this is not conducive to accomplishing "goals". so in an effort to hold myself accountable i often present myself to an audience of nobody or few, and encourage others to try it themselves!

at this point i think i've gotten the hang of org mode a tiny bit, especially when it comes to miniature web publishing such as this. i've gotten a bang usable static site generator out of plain ol org mode and css that i am happy with, especially compared to some previous interations of this site. which reminds me

TODO: consolidate the site designs from april onward

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