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heres stuff on the internet i found and decided to react with dopamine towards ok


_selfhosted loadout

shit that has proven its value exceeds its maintenance effort for my experience and bullshit tolerance. it is the foundation of my interaction with the internet as a viewer or as a creator. - server management fabric platform-as-a-service to with automatic ssl, tons of one-click apps and more. - simple LAMP docker image but very functional. - selfhosted uptime monitoring tool. - simple file hosting platform that can integrate with ShareX, generate shell scripts to auto upload screenshots, etc. 2nd - privacy conscious simple website analytics - selfhosted web file browser/editor/manager that supports multiple users and features like a shell command runner before/after every file operation. - lightweight filebrowser script that's better than the above for obvious, obivious reasons - rust implementation of the bitwarden password manager server - selfhosted git service (repos, wikis, issue tracker, CI, etc) - desktop or web IDE and text editor you already probably use - desktop/remote bittorrent client - a distributed file syncing thing - very free media streaming software akin to plex but more freedoms

cool projects   q

lesderid/dtagfs: A tag-based FUSE virtual file system

roided out open server fabric platform i love 💚

TheFrenchGhosty's Ultimate Youtube-dL Scripts collection

Collection of scripts for downloading and watching youtube with yt-dl

the Awesome lists

search through millions of github projects by topic and category

useful web tools and freebies

super fast color schemes generator - 20 FOSS icon packs/fonts

alt browsers

Nyxt browser: Download

a minimal browser, comma, good.

why is this so good what the fuck its gotta make you fat or something

cloud general

for some reason i had google cloud here but fuck google all my homies hate google

docker-radicale/config at master · tomsquest/docker-radicale

may be suitable replacement for nextcloud for my purposes (strictly cal/cardDAV)

Professional Web Hosting - We provide solid web hosting & domain registration services!

furry vps hosting but now they look all normie lame now but cool i guess

i actually use ^ under 6 months but so far can vouch for across 3 vpsies

  • racknerd update; their support is kinda smoothbrain but still good value


nEvEr hOsT urR oWn MaIl

debbie ops

(dev ops and docker and other words 17 year olds are better at than me now)

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  • fleet

    open source community created docker images, mostly of selfhostable services. updated regularly


gud downloads - database of software features and comparisons of how viable one program is as an alternative to another. - modern one-click multiboot for USB drives, just drag and drop isos dynamically.


*EndeavourOS – A terminal-centric distro with a vibrant and friendly community at its core*

^ my OS of choice its like manjaro but good

  • Update may 2022 friendship ended with endeavour garuda is my new best friend - dude cool eagle - free open source software torrents

mac - Tons of scripts and tools to quickly bootstrap mac osx in qemu on linux/osx


decent sharing/storage platform - french


GitHub - NvChad/NvChad.

author - An attempt to make neovim cli as functional as an IDE while being very beautiful , blazing fast

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